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Our philosophy goes beyond raising awareness to inspiring acceptance. Not just from others, but within ourselves. The A.S Social Skills Programme can be accessed by anyone who wants to develop interpersonal skills, learn in a supportive environment and connect authentically with others.

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Digital Programme

A.S. Social incorporates a number of evidence-based programmes tailored to meet the needs of those on the Autism spectrum

Our social levels will guide you through a range of social training, helping you to better understand your needs and navigate friendships/relationships. Your dedicated social coach works with you closely to achieve specific goals over the duration of the programme, empowering you to take control of your social life.

Delivered digitally on A.S. Social’s online platform, you’ll have the freedom to learn at your own pace. Accompanied by attending our monthly Hang Outs™ and other A.S. events allowing you to apply your practical knowledge in a relaxed, safe, and fun environment.

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Do you still have some questions? Read below our frequently asked questions or reach out to us directly.

Can i use NDIS funding for a.s.?

Yes there are a range of NDIS funding options available to access depending on your package. Speak with us to find out the right pathway for you.

What support do i receive while accessing a.s. social?

You'll receive access to a number of supports when engaging in the A.S. Social digital programme. Alongside the additional resources you'll have a constant line of communication with your social mentor, workshops, interactive quests and real life engagement.

How much time will I need to dedicate to the digital programme?

There is no set amount of time needed to complete the A.S. programme. We suggest you dedicate 3hrs per week for the A.S. digital programme, although setting timelines and goals is completely up to YOU!

Who is a.s. social for?

A.S. Social is for all autistic adults who are ready to take control of their social life. AS Social Skills Programme provides support across a range of life pursuits. Maybe you've finished high school, moving to further tertiary education, maybe you want to live independently, or start working. A.S. can help!

Most simply put, if you want to gain the skills and confidence to make friends, interact and advocate for yourself. A.S. IS FOR YOU! A.S. Social's skills work across all that life throws at you.

What will I achieve through the a.s. digital programme?

You'll learn about your needs, establish social supports whilst engaging in community.

How long will i have access to the A.S. course content for?

You'll receive 12 months access to all A.S. programme content.

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